(Unfounded?) Transfer Rumors of the Day: Kaká and Mata, the One Who Got Away

Goodbye, my friend. Is this the beginning of another Cesc saga? (No.)

Ah, Juan Mata. Ever since you left Real Madrid I've missed you. I've secretly watched the way you flourished at Valencia, watched your incredible ability grow and grow with the years; I watched you win a World Cup with Spain, and I watched you torch my team again and again. Let's be frank about this. I miss you. And watching you sign for Chelsea, well, it's like watching a little bit of my past die. 

In all seriousness, though, Juan Mata is a great player, and I think, the only canterano of the past few years who I've really felt like Madrid could have used. He's a star, albeit an unknown one in much of England, and he'll prove himself over there--I have no doubt. 

In actually unfounded news, the Madrid player who has been linked to almost every major club in Europe this summer...has been linked to another major club in Europe this summer. Read on to discover who I could possibly be talking about.

You guessed it! Kaká might be on his way out (again), this time it's back to Italy (again), but to the other side of Milan--apparently Inter is interested in acquiring the Brazilian playmaker, and not just on loan like Arsenal. Real Madrid is prepared to sell Kaká, apparently, for around €30 million (not too shabby for someone who doesn't seem to enter into our plans). 

This could be really good news for Madrid: Inter entering into the race for Kaká could finally force AC Milan boss Silvio Berlusconi's hand--nothing gets one team going like hearing that their favorite target is close to singing for a rival. 

Personally, I still think that Kaká has a lot to give Real Madrid. I think that he is committed to making it here, and that he's determined to show Mourinho what he's worth. He's a hard worker, and still has enough of that "it" factor to make opposing teams think twice before writing off anything that he does. Even in the second leg of the Supercopa, when he came on I still said to myself--well, why not? And he kicked his own butt a bit, running energetically and making some good passes, even if it came to nothing.

On a lighter note, apparently Marca.com has ascertained exactly what song is driving Mourinho's Real Madrid...and it's "Don't Worry 'Bout Later" by the Faith Keepers (a band that I have literally never heard of). The song is...not bad? I dunno, what do you all think?

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