Report: Real Madrid's Board And Roster Have Mourinho's Back, For Now

Denis Doyle

According to a reliable source, both Real Madrid's chairmen and the players trust Jose Mourinho even after the late draw against Espanyol and the 13-point deficit with FC Barcelona in the Spanish Liga BBVA. Neither the players, nor Mourinho and obviously not Florentino Pérez are happy with the team's performances, but all of those three parts have decided to stay tight and work hard to reverse the situation.

After the match, Jose Mourinho had to leave the stadium sooner than expected, and that's why he went to the Bernabéu's press room ahead of Espanyol's Javier Aguirre. Even before that, he told the players to think about their recent performances in the dressing room, without any further assistance of the rest of the coaching staff.

After Mourinho spoke, the journalists went right ahead to the Santiago Bernabéu's press zone and waited for the players to leave the dressing room and talk to the media. The players decided it was time for Casillas and Ramos to step up to their duties and face the journalists. The Spanish goalkeeper left Real Madrid's dressing room about 35 minutes after Mourinho's press conference had ended. The whole Espanyol team had already left the stadium on their way to Madrid's airport.

In those 35 minutes without Mourinho in the dressing room, the players exposed their views and reached an agreement to stay together as a team. That's why both captains said the coach has their full support.

Jose Mourinho is reportedly comfortable in the club. He obviously would like to change a few things, but he also understands that Real Madrid is one of the biggest sport franchises in the world, and therefore some structural changes cannot be made. But he signed his extension less than a year ago and he is determined to win the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup in Real Madrid to become one of the team's greatest managers.

He's also used to how the journalists are attacking him, but the Portuguese coach doesn't feel like the socios are buying into those kinds of campaigns, something that was in doubt last year after the 1-3 defeat against Barcelona in December 2011.

Of course, this could change if the team keeps losing easy games and, for example, Celta gets Madrid eliminated of the Copa del Rey and the team is also out of the Champions League 1/4 during next February. But everyone in the club believes Jose Mourinho is the right manager to regain momentum and make Real Madrid a successful team once again.

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