Cristiano Ronaldo-The Untouchable

Ever since his arrival in 2009 Cristiano Ronaldohas been an unprecedented success. His 152 goals in 150 appearances with 8 of them coming in elclasicos makes his fee of 80 M seem almost nominal.

But despite what he has achieved his importance to the team and his candidacy for the Balondor

Are often questioned, by opposition but even more alarmingly Real Madrid fans.

This article seeks to reinforce the reasons behind Cristiano’s importance to the team

Goals , goals and more goals:

As statistics would suggest ronaldo is among the top 2 goal scorers on the planet.But above his ability to finish, its the variety which should be given more importance.Cristiano is adept at utilising both feet, is a terrific header of the ball and has thunderous shot from distance. Allowing him to threaten the goal in a variety of ways and angles, which is more than a certain Argentinean can claim to do.

Cristiano Ronaldo All 269 Goals (With Teams) (via 7HeitorAveiro)

Cristiano Ronaldo All 36 Goals (Portugal) (via 7HeitorAveiro)


Cristiano is one of the fastest athletes on the planet.With Madrid usually adopting a counter attacking style this can only serve to compliment our game.Cristiano is nearly unplayable at the break with his searing pace allowing him to receive any long balls served on the break before any defender can intervene.

Ronaldo's acceleration/speed HD great sprint (via MarcaF7)


Truth be told ronaldos ability on the free kick is overrated at best often hitting the wall, and attempting improbable shots. But the occasional goal certainly cant hurt!His heading ability however is a different story altogether. Being often the tallest man on the pitch ronaldo is the man to watch during corners his terrific leap being second to none Ronaldo has dispatched several goals from corners during his time with Real Madrid.

Long Shots

In my opinion no player can claim to rival ronaldo in this category.Cristiano is adept at testing the keeper at any range.No other player in our squad is equally capable of this feat. This ability allows us to witness some important and breath taking goals however more importantly it forces defences to close him down ,since if they were to stand us of as most defenders do to Barca, ronaldo given the space would make them pay

Cristiano Ronaldo - Legendary Longshots [HD] (via zinou1234567890)

Teamwork and vision

Just as his freekicks are vastly overrated this is a very underrated part of Ronaldos game.Ronaldo has largely evolved from his time at Manchester United and relies more on linking up with his team mates than attempting to beat defenders on the dribble and losing the ball.Ronaldo has largely cut down on the unnecessary flamboyance and has resorted to passing and utilizing his pace to move into space.Ronaldos vision too is something to e reckoned with as evidenced by his beautiful pass to benzema last season

Cristiano Ronaldo - Amazing Passes ! (via QuuusK

Cristiano Ronaldo AMAZING Pass vs Panama 15/08/2012 (via BestSportChannel)


The X factor

Ronaldo simply put has a very set of specific skills required to make a difference to any game,and unlike his previous years has learnt to use it effectively in the biggest of games. Scoring in the last 5 clasicos and his amazing hatrick against athletico Madrid are examples of his gamechanging abilities

This is what C.Ronaldo did do with barcelona HD-2012 (via Shpeta Zogjani)

Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid 4-1 Goals Cristiano Ronaldo HD [11-04-2012] (via wadie2011)

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