Champions League: Sergio Ramos & Ancelotti Press Conference

Burak Kara

Sergio Ramos and Carlo Ancelotti answered journalists' questions ahead of Real Madrid's Wednesday match against F.C. Copenhagen.

Real Madrid Vice-Captain Sergio Ramos kicked off the press conference by discussing the locker room conversation that Managing Madrid covered earlier. Ramos revealed little but said the meeting was positive and a rather commonplace occurrence amongst professional football teams. Ramos said that even in victory the players will meet to iron out any kinks or challenges they may be facing, but those meetings never elicit any sort of journalistic attention.

Real Madrid's centre-back also shared the sense of gratitude and privilege the players feel at being able to play for the club, but admitted that wearing the crest is not enough. The team needs to fight and will fight for all three titles.

Ramos said that in these challenging moments is when teammates must show each other the most support and affection, and he confirmed that all the players are fully behind manager Carlo Ancelotti. He stressed that this rocky moment will pass and Madrid will return to its winning ways soon because the players and coaching staff all believe in one another.

Punto Pelota's correspondent began the Ancelotti portion of the presser by asking Carlo what took place during the dinner meeting between Ancelotti, Florentino Pérez, and José Ángel Sánchez, and whether the manager requested a new striker. Real Madrid's boss refused to answer by saying, in his own words, that who he dines with is of no concern to anyone.

Ancelotti faced a question regarding Florentino Pérez's influence on Ancelotti's decisions, specifically on the transfer signings of Bale, Isco and Illaramendi. Carlo's answer was relatively uncontroversial and politically correct, calling Pérez the "most important person within Real Madrid and a very intelligent President." Carlo also expressed happiness and satisfaction over the summer signings, and said when the club signs a player it's because both manager and president agree.

The manager took responsibility at being asked if he understands the fans' disillusionment and said it's his job to fix the problem and he will work to make sure the Bernabéu audience are treated to a quality football style.

With regards to Morata, Ancelotti was complimentary by saying that the Canterano has the capacity and ability to be a Real Madrid striker. He also said that if Karim Benzema plays, he will have a great game.

Carletto said the team needs to improve when it comes to recovering possession in order to be more effective in attack. Ancelotti argues the team needs a greater defensive presence and must find that balance between keeping possession but also not losing its defensive solidity.

As has posted Spanish-language transcriptions of both Sergio Ramos' and Carlo Ancelotti's Q & A sessions.

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