The Experience of Being At The Ciudad de Valencia Stadium on Real Madrid's Comeback

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

The match was being hard to swallow for most of the time, but Real Madrid ended up earning a miraculous comeback that turned their fans crazy.

I was lucky enough to have two tickets for Real Madrid's visit to Levante's stadium. My father has a friend who always tries to get me a pair of tickets. Last three years I went with a friend of mine, but this time it was my cousin's turn. He's still 13 years old but he's already a hardcore madridista.

I've gone to a dozen Real Madrid games, give or take. But this one was the most exciting to experience as a fan. We were desperate after watching Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo wasting two good scoring chances. Levante tested Diego López from outside the box and Diego's save amazed us quite a bit. Still, the team needed to improve a lot, so we were not happy about how everything was developing. It should be noted that this was my cousin's first game live, so he wanted to make his debut with a win. Real Madrid's situation in the Liga BBVA was not making things easier either.

Sergio Ramos' performance was brilliant. At least, that's what we thought at the stadium. When Levante scored first, we saw that the team tried to fire back soon. We then tried to figure out why Real Madrid couldn't play that way for the whole match. Ramos scored the equalizer.

Just when Real Madrid were playing at their best, Levante managed to scored their second goal. I almost told my cousing to leave the game. I was really frustrated and I couldn't believe that our team was letting the Liga BBVA slip away in early October. I really had no faith on a potential comeback. But then Morata scored. To me, the difference between a 2-2 draw and a 2-1 loss wasn't huge. Real Madrid would be 7 or 8 points behind Barcelona, so I really didn't celebrate Morata's goal with great joy.

But when Cristiano Ronaldo scored, we went nuts. There were some Real Madrid fans around us, so there was no potential danger if we celebrated this goal. My throat still hurts.

It wasn't a great win, what was great was to get that kind of win. To score two goals in injury time to win the game is always great. The team will surely build on this win. This might be a momentum-changer.

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