Spanish Sports Daily 'Diario As' Going After Florentino Pérez

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Their rivalry with Real Madrid's President continues

Florentino Pérez is not a perfect President for Real Madrid. This should be clear. But As' campaign against him is something every Real Madrid fan has probably noticed already.

First, a little bit of history. As' media group (PRISA) almost had the chance to turn Real Madrid into a private enterprise (SA in Spain) before Florentino Pérez's first tenure as Real's President. After that, PRISA (As, Cadena SER and El País) always tried to get him out of Real Madrid's main chair. When Ramón Calderón took over, PRISA was a friendly group both for him and Real Madrid (but mainly for him).

Marca then had the scoop for Calderón's corrupt assembly in which the former President introduced some fake socios to approve the team's balance. That ended up with Calderón out of Real Madrid and PRISA not reporting the scandal through their media.

It's obvious that nobody is asking PRISA to be a madridista group. But if you pay close attention to their pieces, you will see that they always want to hurt Florentino Pérez's Real Madrid project. First, they went for Mourinho's head, mainly with El País' Diego Torres writing crazy stuff about the Portuguese coach. Now, after Mourinho's departure, As is still trying to get Florentino out by creating controversy with Morata and giving interviews (and their cover) to socios worried about the club's debt.

I do not have the evidence to think that Florentino Pérez, the rest of the board and the club in general are lying with the financial reports they're publishing every year. And I do not have the evidence to believe a random socio -no disrespect- who appears in a anti-Florentino Pérez sportspaper. That's why I choose the official version.

PRISA know that if the team doesn't do well, Florentino Pérez will be in a hot seat. That's why they're going all in to recover some of the status they had without Pérez on board. They're also angry with Florentino Pérez because the club decided to break the partnership agreement they had with As to sell Real Madrid merchandising through the sportspaper.

PRISA should start worrying about their own financial problems and try to make some good investments instead of trying to mess around with Real Madrid's board. For the sake of all workers that are getting fired in El País, Cadena SER and As.

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