Ancelotti on CR7: "He's otherworldly"

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The Italian coach sounded very satisfied with the team's overall performance after a 5-1 win over Real Sociedad.

After one of the team's best games of the season, Real Madrid's coach Carlo Ancelotti was really pleased about the team's performance.

Carletto described the fist 45 minutes of the game as "perfect". 4 goals, no costly mistakes on defence, great teamwork. Yeah, "perfect" sounds like an appropriate way to put it.

One of Madrid's biggest issues this year has been defending. Today, not so much: "The first half was good. After the 4-0 we had a lot more problems. That's normal. I think the team played well in the first half." While it's true that the team's defensive struggles weren't nearly as bad as they had been in previous games, they still need to fix some issues.

On Dani Carvajal and Álvaro Arbeloa: "Both were very important on defence, especially Arbeloa on the second half" Arbeloa was surprisingly good, both defending and attacking.

Another player who deserved praise was Sami Khedira: "He's a Real Madrid player and he's got the quality to play here." The German has been unfairly criticized, especially by the press. Hopefully his performance against Real Sociedad keeps those critics quiet for a bit.

Ancelotti sounded very happy with the rest of his midfielders too: "I think all three [Modric, Alonso and Khedira] were very good today. Xabi Alonso made a couple great plays to change the pace of the game for us but all three worked very well together."

As good as all those guys were, the player of the match was definitely Cristiano Ronaldo. 'The Animal' got another hat-trick (his 23rd with Real Madrid), making it 16 goals for him in La Liga. His coach is running out of words to describe him: "I think he's playing at an entirely different level. He's otherworldly. He scores so often and with unbelievable ease. It's tough to find words to describe him."  It's impossible to disagree with him here.

This starting eleven has worked well for Real Madrid, but Ancelotti knows he's got a lot of talent on the bench in case he wants to try something different: "This lineup is playing well. I don't forget I have great players waiting on the bench, like Di María, Isco, Ramos...I can't say this is the definite lineup but this team has found some balance." Well, if it's not broken...

There wasn't much to say after such a dominating performance and it's probably unfair to complain after a 5-1 win. Still, this team needs to improve and they have the potential to do so.

For one, this game didn't lack the already classic mistake from the defenders. It's unbelievable. It seems like there's a costly mistake for each game Real Madrid plays. If it's not Ramos, it's Varane. If not him, then it's Pepe. They need to work a lot to fix those defensive issues.

Finally, the team can't relax that much after getting big leads. They just can't afford to relax having such a fragile defence. The win was pretty much sealed after Real Madrid's fourth goal, but still, you never know.

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