Bernabéu Bites, 12.08.13: Well-Represented in Brazil

Lennart Preiss

Madrid's international flavor was on full display today at a special press conference. Di María, Benzema, Casillas, Ronaldo, Marcelo and Modric took to their customized podiums to answer questions about the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.

To look back before we look forward, Nicholas Rigg recapped Madrid's lacklustre night in Xàtiva. As we all know by now, it was a dull encounter against a side motivated to defend in its once-in-a-lifetime moment. Rigg points out some positives though, namely the hefty presence of former Castilla players in last night's match.

Here is the full video of today's World Cup centric press conference. I've tried to pick out interesting tidbits from the players below:

Aside from keeping the door open to the possibility of Kaka World Cup return, Marcelo said, "It's a complicated group. It's not the group of death, but it's not an easy one either[...] We need to start well. It'll be a pleasure to play against Luka." Brazil and Croatia will play in the opening game of the tournament.

Modric spoke to the adaptations the Croatian side will need to make when they make the trip to South America. "We need to prepare and recover from games well. The timezone, humidity...etc. affects everyone."

It may be hard to believe, but this will be Benzema's first World Cup. Aside from talking about how much of a dream come true it will be for him personally, Big Benz went on to say, "It's great for the club (to have so many representatives in the World Cup). I wish all my Real Madrid teammates the best of luck and I hope one of us ends up winning the World Cup."

Despite the reports of an impending move to Monaco, Ángel di María was also present. He's the only Argentine, so perhaps the club just really wanted an extra podium at the press conference. Regardless, Di María spoke of his excitement to represent Argentina in rival territory next summer. "It's been a while since we won a World Cup. We really want to win it this year."

Cristiano Ronaldo did not watch the draw because he was asleep. He'll obviously give it maximum effort since he worked so hard to put Portugal in Brazil. He did say, however, that the World Cup is "a long way off. I'm focused right now on my club."

Iker Casillas mirrored Ronaldo's sentiments of the Cup being far off and focusing on club play. He also spoke of how Spain will have to manage being the favorites to win it all once again. "Everyone wants to win the World Cup, not just Spain. We'll have to do our best."

Real Madrid now turns its attention to FC Copenhagen for Tuesday's Champions League tie at 20:45 CET.

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