Iker Casillas nightmare!

A noticeably frustrated Florentino Perez takes the heavy steps to the podium.
Florentino Perez looks out over the media that is in place. He is met by all the flashes from the cameras and microphones that are in place. On this day, he could just as easily been called Franklin D. Roosevelt or Winston Churchill

He holds a war speech, and has millions of fans, journalists and curious sportentusiasters curious.
After a deep breath Florentino Pérez begins. He begins with the words: "I will ... break my own rule.

Journalists will immediately begin recording the words "my", "own" and "rule". They all understand what the president is trying to say, and are therefore not surprised when he continues:
Journalists will immediately begin recording the words "my", "own" and "rule". They all understand what the president is trying to say, and are therefore not surprised when he continues:
- I break my rule [regarding commenting newspaper articles] to point out that this news is not true. There has never been an ultimatum, nor something that can be equated with it. What have been said that we said is not true.
Florentino Pérez takes in. He never mentions the names of the newspaper, but despite that he looks calm on the outside most understand he's pissed. Pissed off about having to be here and decline.
The president does not usually organize a press conference to speak out about things going on in the Spanish press. However, he has done it once before. And that was when he got enough, during his last presidential term, that the press felt they could deal with his club anyway.

The story of captains revolt against Jose Mourinho has hit like a bomb in the world of football. Marca said that "source" was credible and, thats why they publish this news about the great divisions within the team.
It was said that in the news that Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas have sent sms to Florentino Pérez and put the ultimatum "either Mourinho or us."
Florentino Pérez is far from finished:
- When I got up today, I read the news of such a serious nature that I had to deal with. No one has approached us who attended the meeting, me, Sergio Ramos or Iker Casillas, to counter this claim. Making use of lies I think is not ethically correct. It has happened several times and today it was for the last time.
It will not be long until we get to read the response from both Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas. Captains decline what has been written and says that they "have never set any ultimatum regarding the coach" to the president.

On 22 december world is reached by the big news - Jose Mourinho does something that no one else has done in over ten years - Dropping Casillas before a league match because Adan have been training better and is better at the moment.
Iker Casillas is continuously filmed by the camera from the unfamiliar position on the bench.
It is a sad goalkeeper who takes his bench spot. He really wants to on the pitch and play. He wants to lead the team.

After the match Casillas choose to take the diplomatic side:
- I'm not used to being backup, but most of all I am a team player. What I can do is keep training and try to regain my place.
After Christmas, it's time again, this time at home. Iker Casillas will not start against Real Sociedad and then the fans at Santiago Bernabéu had enough.
*Per Zander is on location and typing the reactions from Real's fans against the decision to drop the icon:
- Rarely has just under 60 000 people at the Bernabéu demonstrated so clearly that "now enough is enough," as the announcer is reading the coach's name just before kick off. No one is convinced that Iker would be comfortable in the club or in his position.
When journalists ask Jose Mourinho regarding the national team goalkeeper he just shakes his head and responds.

- Casillas is not a monument, Real Madrid on the other hand is a monument and Real Madrid coach should always aim for the teams best. It's very simple. I see no reason to make this one a big thing.

'' The fact that Florentino Pérez is involved suggest that this is not an ordinary history. I do not think Real Madrid destabilized. I think Marcas editor Óscar Campillo is a good journalist. I am convinced that there is no conspiracy against Real Madrid. "
- Jorge Valdano

Iker Casillas is going through his worst season in club career. Although he has had worse seasons purely sportly in which Real Madrid have not delivered enough on the pitch, but he has never been so hard questioned and criticized as he is today. In just a few months, the man known as "San Iker" had time to be dropped twice, had openly received criticism from Jose Mourinho, taken a serious injury and has been singled out as a "spy" - the one who has constantly telling the press about what happened inside the locker room.
There will be more. For it has not helped when Iker Casillas and journalist girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, go out in Mexican television and claim that Marcas news about feud is true. That Florentino Pérez has problems and that Jose Mourinho do not have the team behind him.
- The climate in the locker room, as you all know, is not good. The players disagree with the coach. Now there's a rift in the dressing room. Carbonero continues: - We'll see what happens at the end of the season if Mourinho continues after June 30, because he has many warfronts in Madrid. The same day, the fans lose their patience. On Iker Casillas Facebook page there are raging supporters because the way his girlfriend is acting. He was called for "Captain Seny", he was called for "an incompetent leader" and a "traitor" who do not defend the club's interests enough. Some argue that it must be he himself who said this to his girlfriend. He is criticized for at all to be together with a journalist. Sara Carbonero is not exactly beloved among Real Madrid fans. Many believe that she "uses" Iker to succeed in an industry where many have stepped to the side. Background is that Carbonero once, before she got together with Casillas, claimed she would never consider entering into a relationship with a footballer. Unlike José Mourinho, Xavi sits there and understands nothing. Xavi and Casillas have strong ties since way back in time. During the 2010 World Cup Xavi talked about Iker Casillas qualities in the locker room and how monumental he has always been for the national team: - We have a great friendship in the locker room, and as first captain Iker is the one who really made ​​sure to raise up the friendship. He is a very humble and normal guy. He makes sure that the squad do things together, and it's wonderful to have him as captain, a real privilege. About three years later, Xavi gets a different question about the same person. A question that he never really thought he would have to answer.
- I suffer with him, he is Madrid's soul. It was strange not to see him [on the field] when he was benched, it was unbelievable. But it is Real Madrid coach in charge of this. I talked to him after the injury and wished him all the best.
After Spain's European Championship gold in 2008 a book is released, Los secretos de la Roja, the Reds secrets. A book that addresses the phenomenon surrounding the new team and the unity of the squad. A unity have not always been there considering among other the political climate in Spain. Readers will be surprised to see who has written the foreword to this book. For it is not anyone who took the time to write down a few sentences in a previously blank page.
- I have a firm belief that good teams are built from the inside out, writes Iker Casillas and continues:
- I can assure you that 51 percent - more than half - of the football team's success comes from the friendship and the good relations we have. We have players with enough talent to achieve great things, but what comes out on the field is a direct consequence of the unity we have outside.
Ironically, it is precisely this that Iker Casillas, the captain, struggled with this season. In Madrid, it had gone so far that some doubt that he is the right captain for the club. Can he handle that his girlfriend simply does her job while she puts him in an unreliable position?
Can he handle criticism claims that he must stand up for himself more as team captain and that he could not be the one who can unite a team who has been hit with the biggest of storms.
The big question remains, can he rise again?
*Per Zander is a journalist who works for swedish sports newspaper Sportbladet.

Translated from Swedish to English by me.

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