Real Madrid Vs. FC Barcelona, La Liga 2013: Madrid Wins, Barça Gets Ugly (2-1)

David Ramos

Real Madrid made some rotations today, but still forced Barcelona to return to their old ways: complaining about the referee and Valdés getting send off after the game concluded for shouting to referee Pérez Lasa. Cristiano Ronaldo and Sami Khedira's presence fueled Real Madrid in the second half to dominate Barcelona. This has been Real's second win against Barcelona in just four days.

Real Madrid never cared about this match. At least, that's what happened throughout the whole first half. Mourinho placed Pepe in the midfield alongside Luka Modric, and he also left Özil, Khedira, Ronaldo, Di María, Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso on the bench. Still, Mourinho's men got the win away from Barcelona, making it five straight Clásicos without losing.

This match markes Barcelona's return to complain about referees, but it would be interesting to see what Chelsea fans have to say about their complaints after 2008-2009's match at the Stamford Bridge. They kept saying they never talked about the referees, but it's hard to do that when you lose. It's fairly easy to show valors, seny and humildat when winning.

The game started really well for Real Madrid with Benzema's goal in the sixth minute. Ramos anticipated really well and passed the ball to Morata, who crossed it nicely to the French striker. Morata completed a fairly good game, but he had two very good scoring chances thrown away, He worked really hard on Real Madrid's left wing, though, and being this his debut in a Clásico, one can say he passed the test.

Messi scored 12 minutes later in what was a poor defensive job by Ramos and a clear mistake by Diego López. After that, Barcelona enjoyed most of the possession, but didn't do a single thing with it. Pepe completed an outstanding performance in his return to the midfield, and Varane showed once again that he's ready to start at the Old Trafford.

Luka Modric didn't play bad considering Real Madrid didn't have the ball, but Kaká could've played better if he wanted to start against Manchester United.

Early in the secon half, Mourinho introduced Ronaldo and Khedira for Benzema and Kaká. Ronaldo's attitude changed the game and Real Madrid started to create some danger off free-kicks and counterattacks. One of those free-kicks was saved by Valdés and the other went right to the post. It would've been good to see Ronaldo scoring once again, but he still tried and played well, as always.

In the 82nd minute, Ramos converted a nice corner-kick from Modric to give Real Madrid another win. The crowd celebrated, but Barcelona still had a good chance in injury time. Adriano hit the ground, but the referee thought he faked it, and he was right. Ramos tried to touch the ball and it seemed that he did foul Adriano, but it can be seen in the slow-motion replay that Adriano tried to do too much to convince the referee.

When the referee ended the game, Valdés got sent off for arguing with the referee about Adriano's last play. Iniesta was also booked, and Piqué was seen doing the handcuffs gesture. Sergio Ramos was suspended for five games after shouting something to the referee, and it will be interesting to see whether Valdés gets the same punishment or not.

Mission accomplished, Real Madrid got the win without sweating much. Los blancos will travel to Manchester this Sunday and will have a couple of training sessions in the Etihad Stadium. That will be a much more important game for Real Madrid than this Clásico.

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