Sergio Ramos Speaks About Mourinho and Busquets, Khedira Avoids Injury Bug

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

17 Real Madrid players are away on international duty as World Cup Qualifying is set to gear back up in the coming days. Club news tends to slow down at times like this. But it's football; there will always be tricky media questioning, inept handling of said media, and stories to be created. Occasionally there are stories.

Oh, the international break. From a club supporter's perspective, no news coming out during the break is sometimes the best news. Typically, a training injury or a puzzling comment to the media is what we hear coming out of national team camps while players are away. Sometimes it's news, sometimes it's only packaged in a way that resembles news.

Sergio Ramos Would Swap Mourinho for Busquets, I guess?

You may have gotten in an uproar like AS intended you to with their parsed, contextually-lacking recap of Sergio Ramos' interview with Cadena Cope. Ramos says he'd bring Sergio Busquets to Madrid (gross, I know) if he had to choose one Barcelona player to dress in white. Realistically, my biggest concern there would be how disgracefully dirty that white shirt would get from the constant rolling on the pitch after a feigned injury.

In seriousness, the clarification by Ramos that he'd make this move to preserve Xabi Alonso's aging legs was missed by many. So is he still then tossing the other defensive midfielders under the bus? Maybe. Who knows? I wouldn't claim that Ramos handles the media and its questioning particularly well, because I am not a fool (most of the time, at least). We know Madrid and Barca players tend to speak highly of each other when they have to in the Spanish camp. Maybe he was being politically correct. Can it be perceived as a jab at teammates? Sure. Someone get these guys a seminar on speaking publicly.

The other talking point picked out of Ramos' interview is how he wishes Mourinho would have chosen something different than "the better team lost" to say following Madrid's UCL victory at Old Trafford. It was certainly an interesting comment that created several possible explanations. Whether you're of the contingent that it was posturing for a potential move to Manchester or whether he was just being brutally honest about the team performance on the night, you can understand how a personality like Ramos' could not take all too kindly.

Ramos also declined commenting on whether he felt Mourinho targeted him specifically throughout this year's campaign. The blame for Real Madrid's set piece defending deficiencies have fallen mostly on Ramos, and you can tell this weighs on his mind as well as his pride.

At this point, Madridistas know that there's tension between certain players and manager. Professionalism is all we can expect. Put your differences aside so Ramos can drop the Champions League trophy under the bus, eh guys?

Mourinho "Making His Own News"

Jose Mourinho said the FIFA World Coach of the Year vote was fixed. The award was given to Vicente del Bosque, though Mourinho claims the vote was erroneous. Mourinho did not attend the even in January.

In Other Non-News, Benzema

So Karim Benzema doesn't sing the national anthem. Great. Get over it. Nothing to see here.

In Actual News, Khedira

Sami Khedira sustained an injury to his left ankle while training in the German camp. Although he was sidelined for the rest of training yesterday, reports are that he returned to training today with no lasting effects. Great news there.

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