Working with what we have

The departure of Jose Mourinho following a turbulent and disappointing season which Mourinho himself labelled his "worst", Madrid as always are linked with a plethora of players ranging from the brilliant Bale to the temperamental Suarez. Madrid seemingly haven’t learnt a thing from their past

And evidently continue in pursuit of "buying "success .By no means am I an opponent of splashing the cash as and when necessary. But in Madrid’s situation its clearly NOT. We have in our arsenal

Cristiano Ronaldo arguably the world’s best player, Mesut Ozil the world’s best 10 and so on.

There certainly isn’t a dearth for talent in Madrid’s ranks but rather a underutilisation perhaps.

Possessing perhaps world’s finest potent attacking forces our former coach Jose Mourinho moulded these unbridled forces into a shall we say rather one dimensional counter attacking behemoth heavily dependent on a "know it all" Cristiano Ronaldo.And despite his successes in bringing FC Barcelona to its knees ultimately failed to deliver the elusive La Decima.

His successor most probably being Carlo Ancelloti is expected to take charge the coming week.

IN my humble opinion here is how the current Madrid should be best setup



Strategy: Control

The team will aim to maintain possession whilst attacking responsibly owing to the nature of its full backs. It is to take advantage of the four man midfield to stamp its authority over matches.

In the event opposition teams attempt to congest the center,the full backs may offer supporting runs from deep and provide early first time crosses to the forwards.

Player Roles

The Full Backs:

The full backs are to function as auxiliary wingers and must look to get forward at every opportunity.

Whilst receiving through balls and providing early crosses to the front three.

Center Backs:

They are to zonal mark their opposite numbers and press with urgency.Whilst in possession they are to immediately lay the ball off to a more creative outlet via short passes preferably.


Refrain from going forward. Aims to recycle possession and pick out the runs of the full backs or modric and Khedira.Slots in between the centre backs and provide a defensive presence when not in possession.Tracking any runs in between the centre backs and clearing any through balls


He is expected to receive the ball and either drive forward with the ball looking for shooting or through ball opportunities or alternatively play the ball wide to Marcelo,in which case he is to cover the space behind Marcelo to snuff out any counter attacks.When not in possession he is expected to press constantly and attempt to win the ball high up the pitch


Press,offer forward runs and cover the space behind carvajal to thwart any counter attack

PS: Benzema and Ozil are only expected to press within their own half.Ronaldo is absolutely absolved from any defensive responsibility


Remain in the hole between defence and midfield and immediately try to release Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema.Alternatively he can try to work the ball wide and move into the area to attack the cross.


Drop deep to support Ozil and look to play in Ronaldo. Alternatively make forward runs and attack any crosses.


Constantly make forward runs in between the center backs for the others to pick out .Alternatively make diagonal runs to the wings and cross at the byline.

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