Bernabéu Bites, 07.12.2013: Illarramendi's Signing, Cristiano Talks With Monaco Owner

Harold Cunningham

In Friday's Edition of Bernabéu Bites we take a look at rumors that say Real Madrid will receive a 35M€ offer for Mesut Özil, Asier Illarramendi's signing and Cristiano Ronaldo's rumours.

  • Real Madrid confirmed the signing of Asier Illarramendi. The player will be unveiled this Saturday at 13:00 CET and he will sign for the next six seasons. Some Spanish journalists say that Real Madrid will pay more than 38M€ as a transfer fee, but the truth is Florentino Pérez and the board paid 32M€ + VAT. The VAT is never reported as a transfer fee, so this doesn't seem a good time to start doing so. If everybody wants to start using taxes as something that increases the price of every transfer, that's fine. But do it for every transfer, not only for Illarra's. UPDATED: The club released the following statement about Asier Illarramendi's transfer:
  • Real Madrid paid a total amount of 32.190.000€ to Real Sociedad. This deal depends on the necessary 21% VAT that doesn't represent an expense since the club can substract it at the end of every fiscal year.
  • Le10Sport and Punto Pelota report that Cristiano Ronaldo exchanged some words with AS Monaco's owner when the Portuguese player was in Montecarlo to unveil a new watch. According to Pipi Estrada -careful with his reports-, Monaco's owner asked him to stop the negotiations for his renewal until next season and offered him 60M€ + salary if he finally signs for the French club.
  • The same Spanish TV Program -Punto Pelota-, said Real Madrid will receive a 35M€ for Mesut Özil this very same Friday. The offer would come from a British club, François Gallardo -FIFA agent- said. Again, these rumors should be treated carefully.
  • José Callejón said farewell to every Real Madrid fan in a statement posted at the club's site. Here's what he had to say:

I want to send this message to the whole with this statement. It is not a farewell message but a thankful one:

I'm thankful to Real Madrid because they help me develop as a person and player. The club means and always will mean a lot to me.

Thankful to this huge club and its fanbase for the support and love they gave me.

Also thanks to the media for all the respect shown.

And most especially thanks to every man and woman that works for the club from the President to the employees and the anonymous people that are always there.

I've spent eight unforgettable years, I did my best for the club to give back at least one small part of what the club gave to me.

Thank you very much for all of that.


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