Carlo Ancelotti: "Jesé Doesn't Surprise Me, He's Already an Important Player"

Denis Doyle

It was a fairly casual day at the office, er... pitch... for the boys in white and The Eyebrow had a couple of brief things to say about the match.

Carlo Ancelotti

On the overall state of the team:

The team is more solid and confident. We play naturally and things are working out for us. We have to continue like this because now starts an important part of the season.

Regarding the defense, which has once again helped Diego keep another shutout:

Our defense has improved. We had some problems at the start of the season... We are more solid down the back and have more confidence... We were good on the defensive side and in defending the set pieces where Getafe are dangerous.

On the second half:

I think we started the second half well, we had chances to score but Getafe started to play with more intensity.

On the terrifying prospect of opposing defenders having to guard the blitzkrieg that is the Madrid wings even though CR wasn't available:

With or without Cristiano, the positioning of the team does not change. Jesé doesn't surprise me. He continues to have great games... Gareth Bale didn't score, but he did well for the team...  I don't ask the players to score, but to work hard.

It would appear that at least one player (I'm looking at you, Sergio) was trying to pick up a deliberate yellow in order to miss the Elche match. Carlo's thoughts on the matter?:

I never ask players to force yellow cards because they might get a red card instead. I don't like doing that.

Diego Lopez

On today's match and the state of the team:

It was important to win today and the team has been very good.

On succeeding even without CR:

You always note the absence of a player like Cristiano Ronaldo.  Cristiano is a player that should always play, but fortunately, we have players who can also do very well.


On the team's goals:

I am dedicated to helping the team win. The most important thing is that Real Madrid keep winning games to try to achieve many titles.

On his stellar play:

I feel very confident but with feet on the ground because I know one day praise may not be as good. I always want more, I am ambitious.

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