Real Madrid Vs Schalke 04, Champions League 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Denis Doyle

The night in which Jesé got seriously injured, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace and Morata found a way to add one after missing a couple of clear chances.

Casillas: B Real's captain didn't have to do much during this game. He couldn't keep a clean sheet but a deflection by Sergio Ramos made things impossible for him that time.

Nacho: A- Brilliant match by Nacho. He might not be strong enough to be an elite center back, but it seems that he could have a bright future in the right flank of the defense. His first half was impressive. If he improves his crossing, he will be able to contribute.

Varane: B- Rusty, once again. One can only wonder if his struggles have something to do with his injury or his lack of confidence.

Ramos: B+ Solid game by Sergio Ramos. He has definitely recovered his good form. He left the game for Daniel Carvajal later on.

Coentrao: B Coentrao was almost invisible. He didn't struggle on defense but his offensive match wasn't great at all.

Alonso: B Steady game by alonso. He was careful not to pick up an injury, and he succeeded there. Casemiro replaced him at halftime.

Isco: B+ Very decent game by Isco, although he lacked some goal-scoring instinct on the box. Only if he was a bit more steady...

Illarramendi: B Illarramendi showed that he can play as a defensive midfielder and also as in the center. Ancelotti will use him besides Xabi Alonso if he wants a bit more defensive-oriented kind of team.

Jesé: - We cannot grade Jesé because he had to leave the game on the third minute with an injury.

Morata: B- Scored a goal, but missed some great scoring chances. He was even whistled a couple of times, especially when he decided not to pass the ball to a wide-open Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo: B+ A brace for Cristiano Ronaldo. And it could've been a hattrick. another day in the office for him.

Gareth Bale: B Failed to score but his contribution was good enough. Decent game by the Welsh attacker.

Casemiro: B- Casemiro played as a central midfielder and didn't do much. He has not played a lot this season and it seems that he still has some room for improvement.

Carvajal: - We can't grade Carvajal since the match was already over when he joined the game.

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