Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid Falling Apart

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

This team lasted as long as Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric's individual inspiration did.

Remember how we were all feeling after that 1-6 win at Schalke? Real Madrid was about to play at the Vicente Calderón, where they showed a worrying lack of intensity. Let's face it. Real Madrid are already well behind Atlético and FC Barcelona, they will need at least two draws by Simeone's team and one loss by Messi and his teammates in just eight games. And if it weren't for Valladolid's win over Barcelona and Almería beating Atlético a couple of months ago, it wouldn't even be that close.

Ancelotti's Real Madrid doesn't deserve to win the Liga BBVA title, simply put. Los Blancos lost or drew every single important game played this season.

Atlético Home L (0-1)
Barcelona Away L (2-1)
Juventus Away D (2-2)
Villarreal Away D (2-2)
Osasuna Away D (2-2)
Bilbao Away D (1-1)
Atlético Away D (2-2)
Barcelona Home L (3-4)
Sevilla Away L (2-1)

That's not exactly what you call a winning team. If you want to consider Real's 2-1 win at home against a Juventus side that were down to 10 men during the whole second half, that's fine with me. At least we will have one win in that table.

One of our writers asked the following in his article right before El Clásico: Is Real Madrid ready to play in big games? Most of our readers thought the article was pessimistic . And all of them, both Marco and the readers finally have their answer.

This squad built by Carlo Ancelotti has shown that only Modric, the BBC and maybe Alonso's good form were the reasons behind their relative success. Once their performances have gotten worse, there is simply no answer by the Italian coach nor the gameplan. Modric is not the same player he was months ago, and Alonso should even spend some matches on the bench. Yet, Ancelotti decided to keep him on the field and replace a much-better Illarramendi to introduce Isco.

It's true that Real Madrid are still competing for all three titles. But not even the Copa del Rey seems very likely.

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