A Dynasty Maybe? Hopefully?

First things first. Congratulations to every Madridista for the Decima. We deserved it. Not just because of our performances in the UCL this year but because of our failings and bad luck in the last 11.
Now to the big issue, sustainability. This team is built to win. It has both experienced superstars/legends and potential heroes and wonderkids. But stability? Uncle Flo needs to make a decision. In my opinion Ancelotti needs to stay till the day he decides to retire and then Zidane should take over the reigns. Now since there is no urgency to achieve a Decima and the burden is gone it is time to build a dynasty, build a team that will be revered for generations. I dont want a Ancelotti to be fired and the complete team to be overhauled if god-forbid we fail to perform next year.
Biggest example? Manchester United. I hate the supporters of the club who were blinded by their success, but always accepted that their philosophy was right. Most important is stability. The players need to know that they are loved and trusted. This squad is still pretty young, the likes of Isco, Illara, Carvajal, Bale, DiMaria still have almost a decade of football in them. I want it to be Madrid's decade.
I became a Madridista on the night of the Zidane-half volley final (you know the one) and since then i have seen Barca dominate both spain and europe. I have seen the Bernabeau give standing ovations to Ronaldinho and Messi. Why? because they did not decide to sell of Iniesta or Xavi when they had a sub-par season. Enough already!
Now i want Camp Nou to witness our domination and the key IMO is Stability.

Just because Suarez is a superstar and probably better than Benzema i dont want Madrid to sign him just to sell more shirts. Benzema has put in his heart and soul in this club. He deserves to be on the team. Hypothetically say we sign Suarez and let go of Benz. How do the players react? Not Ronaldo or Bale but guys like Isco or Modric or Varane. They become insecure, they lose their passion and loyalty for the club because the club has failed to reciprocate the love.

I may be wrong but the club needs a core and over the past few years it has been changed so many times that its infuriating. {Again a Utd reference: Look at scholes, giggs, ferdinand etc.} We had the Makeleles and Mcmanamans who we let go to get Beckhams and Owens. Look how that turned out. Then we got that dutch contingent which i get shivers even thinking about. Then we let go of Ozil which was just sad. Okay better him than DiMaria you'd say but why let go of either? Okay we needed Bale (essentially Cr7 2.0beta) for the Decima. BUT NOW WE HAVE IT. So STOP!

Additions to the squad is good but we don't always need to sign superstars. Sign a 20 year old defender like Mangala or Balanta and let him push for the first place, Fair. Even if our dear Pepe loses out his place atleast he wont feel that it was undeservedly done. But if you get Suarez or lets say Javi Martinez(imagination) it completely kills the chance for Morata or Illara and deludes players like Modric/Benz or even DiMaria!
So Please Uncle Flo! Some stability and we can be dominating consistently over the next 5-10 years!

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