The Trip of a lifetime.....!!!

I was thinking about taking a break for some time when the unimaginable happened, we thrashed 'La Bastia Negra' 4-0 at their own backyard.... I was at a loss of words by the performance of the team and there and then I decided that this is our year and there is nowhere in the world I would rather be than in Madrid...!!!!

Thanks Lucas for all the help with the insight about travelling and tickets..!!!

Inspite of my visas getting delayed, and having to change my flight tickets, I did land in Madrid in time for the Real Vs Espanyol game, although the league had already been lost by than; but that didnt stop me from enjoying the match at Bernabeu one bit less!!! Watching the match live at Bernabue was a dream come true, and I had got great tickets at fondo sur stand, seating just behind the ultra-sur. We celebrated the victory even after the match till the security guards insisted we leave. I was dancing, singing and cheering with the ultras even on the streets outside the Bernabeu.

Post Match celebrations with Ultra Sur & Ramos giving his jersey

That Night the celebrations were 600 meter away from where they should & could have been...!!!!!

Next Weekend

I was in Germnay during the week to catch up with some friends, and flew to Madrid on the 24th Morning, it seemed that the party had started from the frankfurt airport itself considering the number of people donning white and travelling to Madrid just to be a part of these celebrations; while Barajas airport in Madrid looked like an extension of a football stadium, seeing most people were proudly wearing their team colours.

Unfortunately the match tickets, hotel stay and the travelling to Lisbon was turning out to be a very expensive affair, So as Lucas suggested I watched the match at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu along with 80,000 fans. It was completely sold out. Although the tickets were rolled out free of cost to the members, I had to pay to get the entry. And it was completely worth it. Emotions were running high throughout the match, but Bernabue was great, we chanted throughout the match & never lost belief. I cannot in words describe the my feelings when Ramos scored, it still seems unreal. The Bernabeu was on its feet and thundering so loudly that it seemed that roar could even be heard 7km south at Vicente Calderon....!!!



After the match, the entire Madrid was seen at Cibeles, and the party went on till 7 am in the morning till Ramos donning the scarf on the fair lady...!



I slept through the entire sunday, only to wake up to another one of spectacular celebration held at the bernabeu...!!! It was a spectacle fit for the Champions...!! It was so majestically beautiful.!!



All I can say that even I could not imagine that my trip would have such a fairy tale ending it almost seemed surreal....!! All the chants were echoing in my ears even on my flight back, I can still dream 80,000 fans chanting

Si Si Si,

La Decima Esta Aqui

Hala Madrid.....!!!

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