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About Us

"Managing Madrid" was founded about a day before the start of the 2010-2011 season of the Liga BBVA (formerly known as the Liga de Fútbol Profesional); in early 2011 we moved our platform to SB Nation, where we reside today! We're just a couple of guys, Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin, who noticed that there's no passable English-language Real Madrid Blog. We like to argue, debate, and a lot of times physically fight about the goings-on of our favorite club since birth. You can follow us on twitter @managingmadrid, and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Born in the USA to a passionate Madrileño father, Gabe's earliest sports memories are from the 1996 Real Madrid team of Raúl, Suker, and Mijatovic. He celebrated in the Cibeles in 1998 (with about 500,000 other people) for the first time after watching Predrag's goal against Juventus in the final of the Champions League. Most recently, Gabe has written a football column for the Wesleyan Blargus, the college newspaper's blog (he edited their Art section), and co-edits the site Jabroni-Free Sports.

Born in the UK to utterly sport deprived parents, Josh grew up in North London only minutes away from Highbury without ever having the slightest inclination toward football.  Moving to the USA at a tender age stifled still further his budding sporting mind.  It was only upon meeting Gabe that he began his torrid love affair with Real Madrid and football, beginning with the 2006 World Cup and the stunning 2006-2007 La Liga season during which Madrid snatched the trophy from the grasping claws of the Catalans on the final matchday. 

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