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We Owe Tomas Ujfalusi $5

Messi's ankle after Ujfalusi's crushing tackle (GolTV)
Well, the good news is that Tomas Ujfalusi listens to our Podcast--we (jokingly) offered $5 to anyone who would brutally cripple Leo Messi. The bad news is that he missed--Leo will be back tormenting people with his douchey antics within 10-15 days.

To be fair, this was an absolutely brutal challenge and Ujfalusi deserved a red card--again, we don't condone anyone deliberately injuring Messi as seems to be the case here. But if something accidental happens during the normal run of play--well, that's out of our hands now isn't it.

Here's hoping for a swift recovery followed by a series of brutal injuries. Tomas, your check is in the mail. Well, sort of.

In an unrelated note, el Principito will be off the pitch for 3 weeks or so as he battles back from an ankle injury himself. We wish only the best to our young prodigy! Get well soon, dude!