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He's a D-Bag...but he's OUR D-Bag: Launch of "Mou's Clues"

C/O Real Madrid
Check out this fantastic new line from José mouth:
"I don't manage a team for derbys. I manage a team for championships. A lot of times there are luckier teams, and they end up playing 11 on 10." 

Damn--we particularly like the jab at Barça...he's clearly still bitter about Biscuit's dive in the Champions League semis.

He may be the best manager in the game, but hell, this guy is a comedic--and literal--gold mine. So with that in mind, we're launching a new segment here on Managing Madrid, "Mou's Clues," where we bring you the best/craziest/nastiest/funniest quote of the week/day from the ineffable José. 

Bring it on!

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