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Mou's Clues: "Go to Hell!"

Some priceless Mou magic after Madrid's fantabulous 5-1 destruction over Segunda B side Murcia. A couple notes from the game first:
  • Good to see Benzema running for the entire game. Probably the best he's played for los blancos--plus, he nabbed a goal today, which might propel him to more.
  • Mou brought on CR7 and Xabi at half time...when Madrid was leading 2-0! What the hell? I guess he cares about the copa this year.
  • GREAT to see Granero play so well! He slotted home his first goal--GOLAZO--of the season perfectly, and manned the team's attacks throughout the game. 
  • After CR7 scored he dedicated his goal to his baby, who he fathered with an American waitress after using the pickup line "me, you, **** ****." Good game for him though.
  • While the team finally seemed to click in an elimination game (an issue the past few seasons), we should remember that we were playing Murcia.
  • Oh, and Mou got ejected in the 30th minute!

This last bullet point brings us to the topic of this post...what Mou said to referee Paradas Romero to deserve his first expulsion for Real Madrid: "Vete a la mierda," or "Go to hell." Pretty tame right? Well, we're glad it wasn't much more, because he probably won't be suspended like he was when he was at Chelsea in 2005 (he freaked out in a game against Barça in the Champions, and well...the ref had to retire).

Oh, and he also had an eyebrow raiser in reference to "el principito" Sergio Canales: "I knew who wasn't going to play well. I didn't like how Canales played today. I knew it was coming: I train with them every day. The players who train well are in good condition to play. Those that don't train well don't play well." Yikes. Let's hope Sergio is listening.


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