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New Podcast: Why does Howard Webb hate football?

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Check it--we're back with our newest Managing Madrid podcast. Fresh off of a "thrilling" (Josh would say "disappointing") game against AC Milan in the devil-stadium of San Siro, we here at Managing Madrid have only one thing to ask: what did Xabi Alonso DO to Howard Webb (the English ref who seems to be trying to kill him)?

Here's a list of things we think Xabi could have done to warrant such awful treatment:

  1. Given his daughter a venereal disease.
  2. Given his mother a VD.
  3. Given both of them a VD, then murdered his extended family.
  4. Turned into Liam Neason in Taken and just killed everyone in any way related to Howard Webb.
  5. Forced him to watch The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience for 26 hours in a row.
Anyways, enjoy the podcast:

Oh, and as promised, here's Becks and Posh getting interviewed by Ali-G:

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