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Why does everyone hate our bus?

A couple random things heading into the clásico tomorrow: first, apparently Manuel Preciado missed hitting our team bus with a water bottle after the Sporting-Madrid game a couple weeks ago, and instead accidentally hit a random fan.

Apparently he hit the woman so hard that she fell down--he "bottled" her off her feet, according to some sources. One has to wonder A) how on earth he managed to miss the team bus with a bottle--that's some terrible aim and B) how hard Preciado threw the bottle! It takes a hell of an arm to knock someone down with a plastic water bottle.

Also, apparently some Barça fans have taken a shine to this kind of antics--as Madrid's bus approached our hotel in Barcelona, a few "radicals" approached the vehicle and chucked a series of large stones through the windows. The first stone hit somewhere near Arbeloa and Albiol, and the second one smashed through the window next to one of our medical trainers, according to AS.

All of this leads us to wonder: why on earth does everyone seem to hate Madrid's team bus so much? What did that poor vehicle do to anyone?

From all of us at ManagingMadrid, please, for the love of God, leave our bus alone.

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