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Managing Madrid on CNN! (And some other nonsense)

I was recently interviewed by CNN Correspondent Will Tidey about all the clásicos this month--the story ran yesterday. I'll post some excerpts here, but you should definitely check out the whole article here:
"For Madrid fans, the game isn't just about getting one over on our eternal rivals, it's about winning a small argument about the country itself," said Gabe Lezra, editor of fan site,
"In many ways, Madrid fans view these games as a playful argument about the way to see and understand the country as a whole."
In fact, they liked me so much they asked me to upload a short video of myself talking about Real Madrid. It'll run at 5:30 on World Sport segment of CNN International; you can also check it out here--

I've been pretty psyched after our HUGE triumph in the Copa del Rey, but have been pretty swamped with the end of my school year--but fear not, Josh and I will record a podcast this evening, to run after our third clásico of the month.

Oh, and did you hear what Guardiola said about Mourinho?
"In here [the press room] he's the fucking boss, the fucking champ. I'd be happy to give him his own personal press box champions league title right now." (Source: El Mundo)
Pretty absurd, right? WRONG: apparently, when Pep got back to the hotel where the Barça players are staying, they treated him like a hero. In this instance, our old "philosopher" as Zlatan Ibrahimovic calls him, took a play out of the José Mourinho playbook--saying something crazy or angry to deflect criticism of his players and create an "us-against-the-world" mentality in the dressing room.

Well played.

In other news, the terrible Wolfgang Stark will referee the game. Let's pause before we kill ourselves to remember that he was voted the WORST REFEREE in the Bundesliga. Ugh.

Ah, well. I'm currently taking bets on whether Madrid will end the game with 11 men on the field. In fact, here are my current odds:

Over 10.5 men on field after 90 Minutes: +540
Between 10.5 and 9.5 men on field after 90 Minutes: -110
Under 9.5 men on field after 90 Minutes: +210

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