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Real Madrid Romp into Champions League Semifinals, FOUR Clásicos Await

Javier Soriano/Getty
Los blancos beat Spurs 0-1 on Wednesday to secure a spot in the Champions League semifinals that seemed preordained after their 4-0 thrashing of the London side last week. They'll move on to face arch-rival FC Barcelona for a shot at winning their record 10th European Champions League title.

But that won't be their first shot at Barcelona this month--the two giants are set to play four (that's right, FOUR) matches in the next three weeks: the Champions League semifinals, the Copa del Rey final, and have a regular-sounding Liga BBVA match this weekend. That's a lot of clásico.

A few notes from the Spurs game first:

  • Madrid--and especially Raúl Albiol looked solid defensively. They'll need that in the coming weeks against Barça, so it's good to see him in such good form.
  • Unfortunately, Ricardo Carvalho saw a yellow card and will miss the first leg in the Bernabéu--all the more reason for Albiol to step up.
  • Cristiano's goal wasn't really his goal: Gomes, Spurs' keeper, bobbled a long-range effort that eventually squirted into the net. Bad error from a solid keeper. 
  • For the second game in a row, Kaká looked good. He's running better than I've seen him run in years, playing with pace in his passing and his finishing. He had a curling effort barely blocked by Gomes on the far post that was particularly vintage Kaká. 
  • While the tie was pretty much over after the first leg, CR7's really nailed it down--I kept doing the math in my head: Spurs needs to win 4-0 to force overtime, 5-0 to win outright; if Madrid score, the number jumps up to 6 goals. 

"Pulpo Iniesta" picked Madrid!
So with Madrid about to face Barça tons--side note: I'm trying to decide what to call this month, "Classic April," "Do or die Month," or maybe "I hope those two octopuses were right week"--we're in for what will surely be an unforgettable, wild ride, hopefully with a ride down the Castellana at the end of it.

I don't know how any of this will turn out, but I'm pretty excited to see where it all leads. Enjoy it, folks.