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Incomprehensible Real Madrid Transfer Rumor: Inter Milan To Dump Wesley Sneijder, Buy Mesut Özil

Don't expect to lose this pretty face any time soon, Madridistas.
Don't expect to lose this pretty face any time soon, Madridistas.

According to a semi-incomprehensible report in the Italian daily Corriere dello Sport, Inter Milan is looking to dump Dutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder to comply with FIFA Financial Fair Play regulations...and replace him with Real Madrid's own prodigy Mesut Özil. This could all go swimmingly, they say, if, somehow, Mario Götze and Borussia Dortmund get involved. And Kaká returns to Balon d'Or form.

OK. Let's step back for a minute and consider the circumstances financially: Inter would be looking at taking in somewhere in the range of a maximum of €50 million for Snejider. This would help them get under Fifa's semi-permeable cap that hasn't been placed yet. But how much do you think Özil would go for? I mean, we have to be looking at a similar amount of money there, right? Say, at minimum €30-35 million, right?

So, if everything goes perfectly for Inter, they'd end up only about €15 million under. And they didn't even mention Götze yet.

So there's that. The figures just don't add up at all on this particular rumor (especially because I'm underestimating Özil's purchase price, which I have to imagine would exceed €40 million if Florentino is worth anything as a negotiator).

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