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FIFA Says Goal-Line Technology Could Be Implemented By 2014

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The goal-line technology debate has been raging on for the past few years. Side one says that since we have the technology that has been proven in other sports like tennis, we should implement it to ensure fair play and stop the continuation of incidents that were seen in last year in South Africa (anyone remember England vs. Germany?). The other side (ahem ahem FIFA) fervently argues that we would lose the "human-touch" of the sport.

But now, as pressure is building on FIFA, they have decided to take a further step in a positive (or negative depending on how you look at it) direction. FIFA has allowed technology companies to experiment further with goal-line technology. It is reported that nine companies have registered to take part in the tests which will be undertaken in select stadiums with the media not allowed access. The tests will be designed to simulate many possible scenarios. If one is chosen, then it could be put in use in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

And what does this have to do with the clubs? Well, if one were to be chosen, such a technology would be put into play in national leagues around the world.

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