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José Mourinho: 500 Days As Real Madrid Manager


Today (give or take some time zones) is José Mourinho's 500th day as Real Madrid manager. [Quick aside: isn't this a stupid "landmark"? I mean, what does "500 days" mean? Slightly under a year and a half?] Our "friends" over at reminded me of that this morning, and I've only heard about it like 5 bajillion times today. But hey, we all love to take pot shots assess our manager, so let's go ahead and look over his record:

  • 1 Copa del Rey
  • 1 Champions League semifinal
  • 2nd in la Liga
  • 50 wins in 69 matches

Not too shabby. But, of course, there's the essentially interminable list of things we all are trying to forget:

  • 1 finger in 1 eye
  • Uncountable press conference gems
  • 1 fight with Manolo Preciado, that lead to 1 bottle being hurtled at a Real Madrid bus

So, let's turn this into the open forum that I'm sure no one really wants! Let's talk about Mourinho, and about his tenure at Real Madrid (this is a sly, blog-code way of saying "hey, I don't have time to do a full post...but you all go ahead and do it for me in the comments!"). Just for fun, I'm going to put a poll at the bottom. Feel free to vote your conscience.

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