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Question of the Week: Kaka or Ozil?

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Greetings from the land of sand. This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

During the last few matches, we have witnessed the revival of Kaka. Last season, he was absent for long spells as he recovered from injury, and some thought we would never achieve the same level of brilliant form he reached while in in Milan.

However, the Brazilian maestro may have silenced a few critics while with his performances the last few matches, and let's just say Ozil's last couple performances with Madrid have been somewhat lacking.

So if you were Mourinho and faced with such a difficult decision, what would you do?

The question this week: should Kaka replace Ozil as the main creative midfielder in the Real Madrid lineup, should Ozil keep his spot, or should Mourinho continue to play them together?

"Kaka should replace Ozil in the centre and Ozil should take the right flank, simply because Kaka has a more effective attacking role than Ozil and he is the better player. And Ozil is left footed so the right would benefit him for the shots. Playing both would leave Di Maria on the bench for now."

-Omar, Egypt

"Use a little bit of both. Use an extremely attacking side with Ozil and Kaka in the team for most of the opponents in the league and change the midfield for bigger teams and European matches."

-AK, Malaysia

"Same time. Both are great and both need field time."

-Dina, Lebanon

"Well, I believe that you should play them both at the same time for Ozil is more of a winger rather than a CAM position that Kaka has been playing most of his life."

-Phillip, Lebanon

"Ozil should start but they should switch later."

-Nadim, Lebanon

"I believe that both should start and have Di Maria come off the bench later because [Ozil and Kaka] are clearly more talented and experienced than Di Maria. And besides Kaka has a better of field of vision than Ozil because he is more experienced and when Ozil is on the wing and gets tired late in the game, Di Maria will be fast and full of energy can come on."

-Mustafa Egypt

So it is almost unanimous. The majority believe that Kaka and Ozil should be fielded together and have Di Maria be substituted on later in the match.

And as always, it is time for you to make your opinion regarding this creative dilemma. I encourage you to write your answer below but if not just take a vote.

But before you go, one concluding note. One thing we can all agree on is that Mourinho has one hell of a choice to make. Both are excellent excellent players with a lot to contribute to the team. But is the decision regarding Benzema and Higuain more important?

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