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A Message from Gabe (Oh, And Like Managing Madrid On Facebook! Or Twitter!)

Thank you all, my brothers and sisters!
Thank you all, my brothers and sisters!

Hey awesome madridistas--just a quick self self-promotion here: I love you all for coming to our site, engaging with us, and each other in really fantastic dialogue. I feel like I´ve learned more from Managing Madrid members about Real Madrid than from any group or site I´ve ever been part of, or even read occasionally (screw you, Marca, I owe you nothing). 

I´m talking about community, the togetherness that we all here at Managing Madrid have: its been a long time coming, but I finally feel that you all are part of my community, my extended family of Real Madrid lovers, who have united under a common banner, with a common creed, to discuss, enjoy and support together the greatest team in the history of Sports! 

So let´s take that next step. As I said, I feel like I´m getting to know you each personally: reading comments from Bluexfalcon or Payam, e-scofield or gaffychicken,  Andres B and Adel G, and of course our long-standing friend Mychal Shannon--you all make me feel all warm and fuzzy and proud of our wonderful little site. So thank you all. And let´s try to spread the word about this amazing community of Real Madrid fans--tell people about us, on FacebookTwitter, or wherever your life takes you. Let´s turn this wonderful tight-knit family into a movement!


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