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Filed under: Mourinho's "Discarded" Players Shine As Canales and León Score

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In a move that literally everyone saw coming, Spanish daily--and notorious anti-Mourinho-ites--MARCA jumped on the fact that two ex-Real Madrid players, Sergio Canales and Pedro León, scored golazos for their respective teams (Valencia and Getafe). Now, of course, the article doesn't obviously state that this is an eff-you to Mourinho; it only implies it in the title: "Mourinho's Discards Shine With Two Golazos".

Now, I'm going to level with you: I watched those two matches, and yes, Sergio Canales was great for Valencia, and scored a beautiful goal, and yes, Pedro León was equally good for Getafe, scoring a volley-for-the-ages from out of the area against Málaga. But seriously MARCA? I mean, it's not like I expected anything else (I didn't), but it's still a bit shocking how little understanding this kind of article shows.

My favorite part? The fact that while yes, these two players happened to score and play great on the same day, in both cases MARCA had to go back to 2010 to find their last Liga goals: Pedro León's was May 8, 2010 for Getafe against Málaga, while Canales' was April 25, 2010 for Racing Santander against Villarreal. And yes, I know that that's just as indicative of the amount of playing time they both received at Real Madrid, you have to admit that it's a bit silly to think that these guys--after playing one great game--are suddenly huge mistakes that Mourinho will pay for later.

Give me a break.

(That being said, I do like Justin Biebe--er, Canales still, no matter what people say. Do I think he'll come back to Madrid? Probably not.)

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