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Málaga Vs. Real Madrid Post Match Reaction: Mourinho 11-0 Pellegrini

Hope to see more of this soon!
Hope to see more of this soon!

While most of the footballing world is talking about the polemical fight between Cesc Fàbregas and Frederic Kanouté in yesterday's Barcelona 0-0 Sevilla, we here at Managing Madrid look to push on. And what better way to do that than to recap yesterday's Spanish-language press coverage of Real Madrid's 0-4 pasting of Málaga!

Cristiano is Superman -
Marca's main narrative centered on Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing performance, particularly that brilliant back heel volley. And yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking too.

José Mourinho: "This result was a reward for our fantastic first half" -

Like everyone else, Mourinho was really happy with Madrid's first half against Málaga. Not shocking. His team scored four goals against a group that was supposed to be the third best team in the Liga. But still. Well done.

Mourinho 11-0 Pellegrini -

And, for good measure, they decided to remind us how badly José Mourinho's Real Madrid has thrashed Pellegrini's Málaga over the teams last two meetings. To be fair, 11 goals in two matches is a bit ridiculous.

Cristiano Ronaldo: "If I score, perfect; if not, I'm still happy" -
Cristiano Ronaldo had one of the more interesting post-match interviews: he talked about his long goal-drought, and payed lip service to the idea that he might actually be happy not scoring. While I'm happy he's doing well, I'd be a bit shocked if he actually feels this way.

Sporting Director Miguel Pardeza: "We were nearly perfect in the first half" -

Real Madrid Sporting Director Miguel Pardeza (wait, what does Zinedine Zidane do again?) was very pleased with the first half of Madrid's thrashing of Málaga, and said that the team should be "very proud". Yes, they should.

"I feel comfortable at CB" - Sergio Ramos -

Sergio Ramos has been playing fantastically well at Center Back over the past couple of matches, and AS interviewed him after the Málaga match. Maybe we should rethink his positioning?

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