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Real Madrid Vs. Espanyol: Reactions...And Some Nonsense


Real Madrid's 0-4 win was Mourinho's 50th as head coach -

Apparently, Real Madrid's victory in Cornellà was José Mourinho's 50th as head coach of los blancos. He's won 72,4% of the 69 matches that he has coached with Madrid. Solid.

The Real Madrid dressing room dedicated the game ball to Higuaín: "It's about time!" -

After Real Madrid's 0-4 pasting of Espanyol, the players, in a jubilant mood, dedicated the match ball to embattled striker Gonzalo Higuaín, who was the author of a brilliant hat-trick. "It was about time!" the players reportedly joked. Well, it was.

Mesut Özil: "My goal is to preform regularly at a high level--and to get better" -

The Real Madrid midfielder gave an interview to the German daily "Die Welt," where he pretty much said everything that you want to hear: trying to get better every day, working hard, regularly perform at a high level. Apparently, and this is the fun part, his dad was at the interview, and injected some spunk into the proceedings with these pearls: "In Barcelona, there are 10 players who play for Messi, who creates all the play; on Madrid, Mesut plays the same function, but not everyone plays for him." And, "in any case, [Mesut], you shouldn't be so modest. You're a very important player." D'awwwwww.

Zinedine Zidane: "French national team coach? Anything's possible" -
OK, so I know we're all still not entirely sure what function Zizou has with Real Madrid...and it's getting more complicated by the day, as he told recently that he'd be open to coaching the French national team. Would this be a promotion? Probably?

Cristiano Ronaldo: "Chill, this year we'll beat Barça" -

Cristiano Ronaldo did a bit of charity work after the match, visiting the Centro Navas de Tolosa de Discapacitados Intelectuales, a school that caters to the mentally challenged; a kid apparently asked him, "Look Cristiano, you're number one, better than Messi. But answer me this: are we gonna beat Barça this year?" The Portuguese superstar smiled and said, "Chill, my friend, this year we'll beat Barça."

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