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Mourinho Handed Two Match Ban For Eye Poke

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The Spanish Football Federation has handed down a two-match ban for Jose Mourinho for his eye poke during the second leg of the Supercopa. The man he poked, FC Barcelona's Tito Vilanova, will also have to serve a ban, though only for one match.

Mou was also handed a €600 fine for his actions, while Real Madrid was handed a €180 sanction. Vilanova was handed the same fine, while FC Barcelona was only sanctioned for €90. The suspensions will only be served during the next Supercopa events - not for la Liga or the Copa Del Ray. So there is that.

Needless to say, we all knew something was going to be handed down, and this really fits the bill, though I'd bet a lot of money that this wont be the last time we hear about this this season. But for now, hopefully things have been taken care of, thus letting Mou and the team focus on la Liga play and the Champions League.

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