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Bernabeu Bites: Kaka And Arbeloa Doubtful For Tomorrow's Tie, Jose Mourinho Becoming Pitch Man

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Welcome to Bernabeu Bites, where we take you around the world of Real Madrid, Liga BBVA and even throw in some European Football. So go grab your favorite beverage (don't worry I'll wait), sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sometimes it's damn hard to sift through the news for stuff that isn't fluff or really off the wall transfer rumors. My inbox is literally filled with all kinds of "Real Madrid News" - if you can call it that. It's enough for me to want to pull out what little hair I have left. So here we go! 

This week it's all about the Champions League, as the boys are in France to take on Lyon. Reports are coming out that both Kaka and Alvaro Arbeloa could be ruled out of tomorrow's match. Also of note Ricardo Carvalho, who is having back problems, has been ruled out of tomorrows tie. Estaban Granero resumed training as well.

The Blond Arrow and former Argentinian International Alfredo Di Stefano (who also happens to be Real Madrid's honorary president) has said that FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi is the right player to skipper the Argentinian National team. I mean it's not like you can count on Carlos Tevez, right?

"Messi has a distinction that is deserved, simply because he combines all the features that a captain of the Argentina should treasure. "He has immense talent. He has shown the world, has helped his team to be a machine to win titles. For his play, you cannot deny or question why Sabella appointed him captain. His quality has been recognized by the enormous number of awards he has won."

-Tribal Football

It's not like the whole world doesn't know that Messi hasn't been able to carry his Barcelona form over to international play. I'm of the theory that  FC Barcelona and the Argentine National Team are just vastly different. It's all about the system and the players within that system, and he doesn't have the same players surrounding him that he has at Barca.

The Special One is becoming quite the pitch man; first he signs a deal with Braun to pitch their line of razors and now he's pitching stuff for Henderson Global Investors.

"José’s success has been built on his passion and drive aligned with careful planning and getting the best from his teams. All of these apply equally to the business of investment management, which is why I am delighted to have José on our team."

For Sunday's clash with Osasuna, Real Madrid will be trying something new: a Noon first kick. The earliest kickoff that the team has had in their history. The reason behind this? Well it's simple: to try and grab more of a global audience by going head to head with the Premiership. While admittedly, the tie against Osasuna doesn't scream must see T.V., the December 11th El Clasico does.

'Kick-off times in today's globalized markets are very important. You have to think of all Continents. The English do that. In Asia the Premier League has more appeal because they can watch it live there thanks to the early kick-off times. 'We have to put the games at the times that will give us the biggest amount of money. If we have to play at 1pm, like they do in England, then we will."

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez

Mou is on board as well.

'From my experience in England, it was positive to play at noon. You finish at 2pm, go home and have a day with the family.'

Now from the You are a idiot files: It seems our very own Cristiano Ronaldo does dumb things with his smart phone. According to sources, it seems that CR7 sent nude pics of a fan to everyone in his address book. Yes, this would include his current girlfriend and a freshly divorced Kim Kardashian.

At least he's not sending out pictures of his junk ala Ashley Young.

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