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Real Madrid: The Highest Scoring Team In Europe (And Other "News")

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Rejoice! Real Madrid is, according to a new report published highest scoring team in Europe this season. The numbers include European competitions, and, despite the source, are very much real--just check out the fancy-schmancy table below.

Of course, this is just off-day nonsense from a website that's looking to drive up hits and make their readership excited. What a perverted scheme, why would a respectable news-and-analysis site doing something like that?


In other news, the Spanish tabloids are really looking to drum up interest in Spain's completely meaningless friendly with England this week--and, to be fair, there are some important things to talk about: FIFA has officially decided to allow England to wear poppy emblems on their shirts as an homage to lives lost in World War I (tomorrow is Remembrance Day in England).

In all seriousness, tomorrow will mark Iker Casillas' first match after receiving the much-coveted "100 Cap" honor from the federation. He was given an actual cap.

In more soft news, apparently Cristiano Ronaldo is three hat-tricks away from matching the absolutely legendary Ferenc Puskas' record of 13 (CR7 has 10, evidently). Not even Marca thinks that he will match Puskas' goals/game ratio of...0.9(!!) though he currently sports a ridiculous 0.98 (but in 157 fewer matches).

Oh, and Marca has already called the Cristiano Ronaldo-Leo Messi "duel" the "greatest in the history of football." Give me a break.

Here's that chart:

R. Madrid 39 10 (Champions League) 49
Barcelona 34 13 (Champions League) 47
Twente 32 15 (12 en Europa League y 3 de la previa de Champions) 47
AZ 28 19 (9 en Europa League y 10 en las dos previas de Europa League) 47
PSV 33 13 (8 en Europa League y 5 de la previa de Europa League) 46
M. City 39 6 (Champions League) 45
AZ 28 16 (9 en Europa League y 7 de la previa de Europa League) 44
Bayern 32 11 (8 en Champions League y 3 de la previa de Champions) 43
Maribor 37 6 (3 en Europa League y 3 de la previa de Europa League) 43
Shakhtar 38 4 (Champions League) 42
Basilea 35 6 (Champions League) 41

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