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Managing Madrid 2012 Eurocup Qualifying Open Thread

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Hey MM'ers! Let's liven up this boring international break with some banter (there's a 30 Rock reference in here somewhere) and talk about Real Madrid players internationally. Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal is currently playing Dzeko's Bosnia for a spot in Eurocup 2012; here's a full list of all the matches going on:


Bosnia vs. Portugal (20:00 CET)

Turkey vs. Croatia

Czech Republic vs. Montenegro

Estonia vs. Republic of Ireland


There are tons, but here are the important ones:

Denmark vs. Sweden

Greece vs. Russia

Netherlands vs. Switzerland

Poland vs. Italy

Ukraine vs. Germany

France vs. United States

Mexico vs. Serbia

England vs. Spain (we'll have some coverage of this one)

Have a great evening, a good break, and make sure to check out for all your up-to-the-minute news! Oh, and let's all cross our fingers collectively to make sure that no Madrid players get hurt...OK?

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