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Question of the Week: What's Your Opinion On Midday Matches?

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Greetings from the land of sand. This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

It was the last match-day in la Liga--120 million people in China alone watched Real Madrid utterly humiliate Osasuna 7-1 in the Santiago Bernabeu. The match kicked off in Spain at noon while the sun was still shining. Despite this, the stadium was packed (but quiet, according to Mourinho) as madridistas came out to watch their team perform in the middle of the day.

The team played fantastically and with such following in Asia, midday kickoffs can spread the brand. However, keep in mind that many others (particularly supporters in North America) will not be able to watch these matches because they are live at ridiculous times. It's also a problem for those fans (including myself) who have work or classes during the afternoon.

So the question I pose to you this week is this: What's your opinion on midday kickoffs?

"The only reason European teams play during midday is to keep the Asian market satisfied, and now people are arguing over whether soccer has become more of a business rather than a sport. I think its fair to play twice a year at least at noon so people in China can get at least two games at reasonable timing."

Yusuf, Ethiopia

"It's nice to see the game in different settings. I think it makes the game nice to watch. But nothing compares to the exciting night game."

Omar, Egypt

"Depends. If it plays around 4pm here, PERFECT. And I think Real Madrid plays better [then] so I'm all for it."

Chan, South Korea

Check out some more answers after the jump before you craft your own opinion.

"They are good because it's a new type of game play compared to night games."

Phillip, Lebanon

"It's good for every place except for [some] because it makes it more... reasonable for people throughout Asia and Africa, where the biggest fanbases are located [to watch]. So, they're good except for special occasions that should still be played at night."

Mohammed, Egypt

What do you think? Are you all for or all against matches kicking off at noon? And as midday matches gain popularity, what would you say to big matches, like El Classico, being played then? Vote in the poll and leave your views in the comments. Hala Madrid!

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