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Source: Neymar Has Committed To Real Madrid, Will Sign For €62 Million

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According to various reports, Brazilian star--and current Santos forward--Neymar has agreed verbally to a move to Real Madrid this summer. While Madrid was anxious to get a deal done for the up and coming striker-winger--there were various reports this summer that suggested that Neymar might come to los blancos as soon as this winter--apparently Neymar rejected any move before the summer of 2012.

A source close to the negotiations stated that, "Neymar will be a Real Madrid player in July, but he is not going there any earlier. He has not signed a contract as yet." The whole deal could end up paying the 19-year-old Brazilian €1 million per month (€12 million per year), with more money to be hashed out in terms of image and sponsorship considerations.

I want to caution our readers that this deal is still in motion, that nothing is official until there are signatures on paper; remember, we've been burned by this whole situation before. But, for the moment, it does look like Real Madrid have beaten out FC Barcelona, Chelsea, and various other high-profile English sides in the search for this star-in-making's signature.

Now that the brute information is out of the way, we're left with a couple of questions that still ring out when we consider this whole situation: If Neymar does end up coming, where will he play? Is this too much money for a player who hasn't been proven yet in Europe? Sure, he's young, and undoubtedly talented, but are we a little insane to drop this much on him?

I'm a documented Neymar fan: he has that "it" factor that Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have, that special something that could easily propel him towards the top of world football. He's an incredible dribbler, passer, and has lightning speed and amazing reflexes; plus, he scores. A lot. And he's just crazy enough to always keep us on our feet: from the Ney-hawk to the whole pulling out a mask of yourself and putting it on after scoring thing, he's a bona-fide star.

So why am I worried about this kid? Help me out MM!

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