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Real Madrid 7-1 Osasuna Match Recap: Madrid Score 7 In Display For Asian Markets

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More than 120 million people watched Real Madrid throttle Osasuna 7-1--in China. If you add some of the other countries into the mix--Spain, say--that number jumps again. So, it's a good thing Madrid put on such an attacking display, with Cristiano Ronaldo grabbing a hat-trick and Angel Di María adding three assists. This type of match can only help to grow the brand--not just Madrid's, but la Liga BBVA's--internationally.

Cristiano Ronaldo started off the scoring frenzy for Real Madrid in the 22nd minute, after a sublime pass from Di María; this was only the first of a series of magnificent plays from el Fideo, who would, unfortunately, leave the match after sustaining an injury in the second half. Soon after the goal, Osasuna countered with one of their own, exploiting an unwritten rule (or, if you're an Osasuna fan, smartly taking advantage of Madrid's lack of concentration) by taking a quick free-kick while los blancos were talking with the referee. Ibrahima slotted the ball easily by a surprised-looking Iker Casillas, and Osasuna was back in the game.

The tie would last a grand total of three minutes, as Di María (him again) would drop a perfect cross onto a sprinting Pepe's head. 2-1, and the scoring was just beginning for Madrid.

Osasuna, for their part, kept pushing and pushing, trying to slice and dice their way back into the match. But, unfortunately for them, this would be their undoing, as Real Madrid feasts on inexperienced teams who try to attack. A couple lightning-fast counter attacks ended any hope Osasuna had, as Di María (again!) found Gonzalo Higuaín, who slotted one by Osasuna's keeper Fernández.

And while Osasuna kept pushing, Madrid kept finding space: as the second half began, Osasuna, who came out in a full-field press, were caught off again as San Iker began a counter attack that ended in an obvious penalty on Mesut Özil that had the double effect of giving Madrid a goal, and Satrustegui a red card. Cristiano finished up the situation nicely, scoring his second of the night.

With that--Madrid up 4-1 and against 10 men--the match became a race between a rejuvenated Real Madrid side looking to put in tons of goals, and an Osasuna side that was trying not to be embarrassed. Unfortunately for Osasuna, Madrid just wouldn't be denied.

Perhaps the best news from this match for Madrid fans--other than the scoreline--was Nuri Sahin, who made his Real Madrid debut in the second half. The young center midfielder looked strong in the defensive, creative midfield, playing next to Xabi Alonso. While it's too early to tell where this pairing will go--hopefully, it will be a mentor/student relationship, with Xabi training Nuri to be his eventual replacement--we can look to the future with some optimism.

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