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Managing Madrid Podcast 207: The Great NBA Pod (Part 1 Of Many)

Hey multi-sport madridistas! It's an unorthodox Managing Madrid podcast, as I (Gabe) am joined by Dean Karoliszyn and Ben Carman for an all-NBA podcast. So, sit back and enjoy.

We break down the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement (sort of), talk rookie of the year, MVP and least valuable player (will Gilbert Arenas finally take that step towards LVP stardom? Ben certainly think so). Finally, we pick our conference finalists (shocker: we all pick the Heat out of the East), our sleeper teams, and our eventual NBA champs (again, no shockers here). Enjoy, all you basketball aficionados!

And rejoice, as the NBA is finally back (and get ready for some more MM basketball shows).

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