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Question Of The Week: Will Real Madrid or Barcelona Win El Clásico?

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Greetings from the land of sand. This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

Madridistas, Barca fans, and football fans. The time has finally come to answer a very important question.

(Drum roll please)

The question this week: Who will win El Clásico?

If you were unaware (perhaps you've been living under a rock?), Barcelona will take on arch-rival Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu this Saturday in the first Classico of the season. If Real Madrid take all three points from the match, they take a huge step towards the league trophy and you can count on Barcelona to do anything and everything to stop them.

Real Madrid currently top the Primera Division by three points with a game in hand. Los blancos have been in extraordinary form and are in the middle of a 14-match winning streak. They've been scoring off the charts, team chemistry, defense, and communication skills have all improved and they're boasting a lightning-fast counter-attack that is arguably the best in Europe at the moment. After a season with Coach Jose Mourinho, Los merengues look very very dangerous.

Let's not write off the champions though. Barcelona have struggled in past matches, but if their 5-0 thumping of formerly fourth-placed Levante said anything it was that they are ready to bring their best to the capitol. Not to mention the Catalans (unfortunately) are always in top form whenever they meet with the Whites.

For the first time in awhile we can say that both teams are almost evenly matched. Read what some other fans are thinking after the jump.

"I think Real Madrid have a great opportunity to get one over their rivals. They have much to prove after many recent defeats. Expect Madrid to play with their hearts against a weakened Barcelona side not in form. 3-1 for Madrid."

-Mohamed, Egypt, Chelsea FC

"I can see this game ending in a draw because Madrid's defense is better than last year and this will make it harder for Barca to break their defense. Madrid will attack a lot and will get a few chances but will get stopped most of the time. The only way Madrid can win is if they make is a fast paced game. 1-1 final."

-Phillip, Lebanon, AC Milan

"Madrid is the better team. They have better and stronger players. Also team chemistry has increased greatly. Madrid will win 2-0 because they have changed their game pace to one that can complete with Barcelona."

-Omar, Egypt, Real Madrid

"Barca will win only because the refs favor them and they will probably cheat their way to victory."

-Fatima, Sudan, AC Milan

"I think this will be a tight match. Gaurdiola has expressed that he might go for a 3-4-3 formation. This shows how they are willing to go on the offensive. However, Real Madrid's defense has gotten a lot better and their counter attack will be key. Real Madrid for a 2-0 victory."

-Chan, South Korea, Real Madrid

"For some reason I have a feeling that Madrid will win due to the brilliant skills displayed in the past games, but you never know. Barcelona have been playing bad for awhile but they might be preparing for a super comeback against Madrid..."

-Nadim, Lebanon, Barcelona

"If Real Madrid don't score within ten minutes, they won't win. I'm guessing 2-2."

-Yusuf, Ethiopia, AC Milan

"Madrid because they have been practicing and coming strong. Also because they know that Barca is their biggest competition to they know they have to give their best."

-Nada, Egypt, Real Madrid

"Although Barcelona have struggled for the past few weeks and lost many valuable points going into the game it's anyone's. Real have been playing really good this year but they seem to choke up when they play Barca so we will see."

-Saker, Palestine, Barcelona

Plenty of answers and plenty of opinions. Share your thoughts in the comments below and take a vote in the poll. And as always, HALA MADRID!

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