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Hey! Here's a random promotional video for Real Madrid's pre-season!

Oh, and apparently we're supposed to call them "Moudrid" according to the front page of Anyone have more super-annoying yet weirdly endearing nicknames that combine "Mourinho" and "Real Madrid"? No? Alright here's the video (and for the nudity-conscious, this video does feature Esteban Granero and Karim Benzema shirtless** at 0:04-0:11): 

Real Madrid's 2011 pre-season (via realmadridcf)

**Incidentally, a quick Google search of "Karim Benzema Shirtless" gives this fantastic picture. Who does an interview at a press booth without their shirt on? What? I understand if it's immediately post-match on the field, but this?

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