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Real Madrid in LA: Injuries, "Car" Crashes, 4-3-3's...and a Gardener?

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If that headline sounds like something a short, sweaty guy would nervously stumble over in a pitch meeting with a Hollywood studio exec...well, you're probably onto something. Real Madrid's days in the City of Angels haven't been particularly angelic of late (har har), unfortunately, with terrible news of a shocking accident involving a golf cart carrying a couple of merengues players hitting a seemingly crazy fan. Against all odds, no one was hurt (but the video, which is really, really funny, is after the jump). 

In actual news, Nuri Sahin, one of Mourinho's newest German imports (German Xavi, anyone?), suffered a minor knee strain that should leave him sidelined for up to 3 weeks. An annoying, but ultimately minor setback for the young playmaker. 

This news came only a day after Xabi Alonso made his return to the practice pitch following some sort  of toe injury.

In less depressing news, Mourinho has apparently been experimenting with a 4-3-3 formation. This shouldn't shock anyone, as he used it from time to time last season (most notably in one of Madrid's games against Atlético), but he's apparently looking to use it more this coming season to mix things up.

It's also important to remember (and Mou knows this better than anyone) that offensive formations fluctuate hugely based on space, and the way the defense reacts to particular movements. A 4-3-3 can become a 3-4-3 or any other variant depending on where the ball is at any point. 

In more Special One news (mania, I guess), he apparently brought along a groundskeeper from Madrid to LA to make sure the pitches at UCLA were cut exactly the way he wants them cut [EDIT: or not cut, as @aupasubmarino rightly poins out]. Extreme? Insane? Or is it GENIUS?! (Probably just crazy).

Oh, and finally (don't watch that video just yet!) there's been some rumbling out of Madrid that los blancos could be looking to have their cake and eat it too (so to speak), by buying Emmanuel Adebayor's contract immediately, and then acquiring Neymar's services in January after he (hopefully) helps Santos defeat Barça at the Club World Cup. But I'll have more on that tomorrow. For now, enjoy the funny golf cart crash.

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