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Real Madrid Monday Bullets

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I feel like "the roundup of other people's work" is a sort of blogger short cut, a semi-journalistic trope that hides the fact that you haven't produced anything of your own. And, unfortunately, that's true today. I've done none of my own work, so I'd like to hide behind these headlines and pretend that it took tons of effort to round them up!

But the good news is that I'll provide extremely funny** commentary on all the headlines.

More after the jump!

  • has given us an in-depth look at a Real Madrid training session. So, if you thought watching paint dry was boring, well check this out! It'll make paint drying look like...grass growing.
  • OH GOD NO! Mourinho apparently forgot to mention Hamit Altintop in a list of players who weren't available for the LA Galaxy match.
  • Mourinho condescendingly threw the Galaxy a bone, praising them for "agreeing to play." In fairness, given the result, and the fact that they have and important match coming up, they didn't have a huge incentive to play. But still, com'on dude.
  • David Beckham is, apparently, a classy guy. He praised Real Madrid, CR7, and essentially all of European football after the game. Wait, is "classy" the right word? Desperate, maybe?

Well, that's all the I've got. I hoped you enjoyed the insightful, witty commentary on other people's work. #TransferSeason

**I cannot guarantee that any of the statements contained within are "funny," or conform to any definition of "funny" that might include the word "extremely." I apologize in advance for any misunderstandings.

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