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Real Madrid's Waiting to Sell Kaká is Bad Business

How could we say goodbye to someone so handsome?
How could we say goodbye to someone so handsome?

So I just want to preface this whole article with a huge, massive, IF: everything I'll say hinges on this conditional statement--IF Real Madrid are planning on selling Brazilian playmaker Kaká, THEN they should sell him as soon as possible. And here's why:

Earlier this summer I wrote a piece (in response to Josh), about how Kaká would play a vital role for this team. I still think that he will. But I do have to admit that there are some good business reasons to sell him sooner rather than later, especially if José and company don't think he has a future with the club.

Rumors have been swirling all summer around the Brazilian midfielder, and perhaps a potential return to Italy to rejoin AC Milan. While the Milan higher-ups have been very coy with the whole situation, they are still quite enamored with Kaká, and value his traditional attacking midfielder style (trequartista they call it).

So, I say again, IF Real Madrid want to sell their playmaker and marketing asset this summer, they'd better hurry up and do it soon.

Why? Simple economics. The Summer transfer market closes on August 31st, and if Kaká is still sitting on the block then, other teams will low-ball Real Madrid because they know los vikingos want to (and really, have to) sell him--if los blancos don't sell, they'll have to both

a) pay at least half his very large salary this season,

and b) have to deal with an aggravated ex-superstar who isn't getting any minutes.

(Again, this is all on the condition that los blancos want to sell him, and will thus not play him, etc).

Also, if this is the case, it's possible that his value won't rise this season: I didn't think it could go any lower than it was last season, when he spent half the year on the bench with a knee injury, then returned to play in mop-up games at medium efficiency.

But it could get worse. If Madrid decide to sit him, and he stays plastered to the bench this season, when there's nothing wrong? Teams will think that there's something wrong with him, and the demand for his talents will plummet, suddenly driving his already declining value off a cliff. Madrid will barely be able to recoup a tenth of his original value.

This is why Galliani's Milan are OK to sit back and wait: they know that if Madrid want to sell, that los merengues will have to do it soon. And they're right.

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