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Bernabeu Bites: The Saturday no La Liga edition

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Welcome to Bernabeu Bites, where every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday we take you around the world of Real Madrid, La Liga and European Football in bite size form. So it back, grab a beverage and enjoy!

I'd really like to be talking about the fixtures that would be taking place today, but we all know that the AFE has called for a strike, though talks are supposed to be going on today and Monday with hopes that the La Liga season will start next weekend - a week late but hopefully we'll have some football.

The Supercopa second leg brought about 3 red cards and very large scuffle at the end. One of the cards was given to Mesut Ozil for his scrum with David Villa. Now accord to the German international it was Villa that did all the work, and that he was innocent in the matter, and the tapes prove it according to him.

"I am innocent! This can be seen on television," he told Bild. "When colleagues are being attacked, I try to help."

There are also rumors floating around (I let you do the digging) that one of the reasons that Ozil went off like he did was because of the things said by Villa to Ozil about his choice of religion. Ozil is a German Muslim of Turkish decent. So there's that...

OK, seriously Neymar is a tool - and I really hope that we don't sign him. Yes, he has talent but he keeps shooting his mouth off.  Pretty damn cocky for a teenager, who needs to possible grow up a bit more. OK, when I say 'a bit' I mean a whole effin lot.

Check out the latest thing to come out of the kids mouth.

"Barcelona are beyond any comment. You cannot compare them with any team. They have Lionel Messi," said Neymar when asked about the clash.

Why thank you captain obvious, I didn't realize they had one of the best players in the world. Thanks for letting me know that, I'll sleep better tonight because of you, and that flippin animal you have living on the top of your dome.

Now we wont see Sergio Canales play against los blancos because of the stipulation in the loan contract that prohibits him from playing against the team that loaned him out for two seasons. But apparently the 20 year old already knows that there is greatness in Valencia, this coming after just one day at the club.

Last term wasn't the greatest for him at Real Madrid, injuries and he had a hard time cracking the first team. So he contacted his father to get him out of the Bernabeu to play first team football somewhere.

"I had a season in which I had doubts and in the end, it [moving to Valencia] did not happen, but the only thing that matters is the present and the immediate future, and I am living those things here.

"When I spoke with my father in Colombia during the U-20 World Cup, he told me of Valencia's interest and I told him to arrange a deal as soon as possible because Valencia are a Champions League team and they are coming off a great season."

I honestly wish the kid luck, he's got a shot at playing European football as well with the Champions league, though I don't see Valencia going too far. They can buy him at the end of his two term stint. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, the kids got talent- but there was no way he was playing first team football at the Bernabeu.

I'm really getting tired of Harry Redknapp (this is the Chelsea supporter in me coming out), he's prattled on and on about not selling Luca Modric - and it looks like that is a bunch of crap as it looks like Chelsea could be signing the play maker soon.

But that is not what we're talking about here, here we're talking about the on the outs defender Lassana DiarraRedknapp is hoping to seal the deal and sign Diarra before their fixture against Manchester City on Monday

Besides the whole brawl at Camp Nou thing, the other big talk after the second leg was all about Cesc Fabregas and how he didn't win a trophy with Arsenal, and then after stepping on to the pitch in the 82nd minute a Camp Nou he takes home a trophy. But now he's coming out in the press, and taking some jabs at his former club, where he was the skipper.  Hell, I would too - it's Arsenal for godsakes.

"The easiest thing would have been to stay at Arsenal," he told Barça TV. "I'm the captain, playing every game. We are always in the Champions League, always fighting for titles.

"For all that, and the tough competition here, perhaps now might be the worst time to return to Barça. It's going to be really tough to make the starting XI, but I needed a new challenge in my life. I thought I'd stagnated a bit, and needed a change of scenery. I needed a special motivation to bring the best out of myself."

And he's right it could be tough for him to make the IX game in and game out. He could be a sub most games, but who knows. My thought has always been does Barcelona really need him? And where does he fit into the club dynamic. He could end up like I said being a 'super' sub, but with multiple tournaments coming up it always help to have some depth on the bench. It's all about rotation.

While Barcelona isn't going to take action, they're hoping that the RFEF ( Comite de Competicion de la Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol) will. Here's a interesting part from the article on this subject.

It would come as a shock to the Spanish football world if Mourinho were to remain unpunished as he is seen as being the root cause of much of the bad blood that has occurred in the recent Clasicos. It has been suggested that the Portuguese Coach is directly responsible for the deterioration of relations between the clubs and the paranoid dynamic that has allegedly manifested itself within his players.

Even though he is the manager of our club, his actions were deplorable and I'm pretty sure the entire staff of Managing Madrid would agree with me on that regard. I guess we'll see in the coming days and months exactly what's going to happen with this. There have even been whispers of him getting sacked because of his actions in the second leg of the Clasico. 

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