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Bernabéu Bites EXTRA: the Rebuilding Real Madrid's Image Edition

What can we do?
What can we do?

Welcome to an extra-special Sunday evening edition of Bernabéu Bites, where we bring you everything related to Real Madrid in succulent little morsels on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Well, the show must kind of go on. After the epic battle in the Supercopa that has lead to a seemingly unending parade of denunciations--Barcelona's players and coaches and staff and janitors denouncing Mourinho; Real Madrid denouncing TVE for not showing that Messi and some Barça staffers instigated some fighting; and Managing Madrid denouncing racism--los blancos will go back to work despite the Liga strike...and it looks like Nuri Sahin will (possibly) start in the Bernabéu Trophy match on Wednesday.

I'm pretty excited to finally see our new playmaker in action, especially because he was arguably the steal of the summer market, at €10 million after setting the Bundesliga on fire last season with Borrusia Dortmund.

In transfer-related news, Mourinho is apparently "resigned" to losing Adebayor to Tottenham Hotspur (or whomever). While I feel badly for "Manolito," who is a huge Mourinho and Real Madrid lover, his price tag was really out of this world (his salary, that is), and we have plenty of strong players in la Fábrica who will make suitable third strikers (why hello, Álvaro Morata).

It's also being reported that Arsene Wenger could make a splash for a Real Madrid star...

or so it seems. Real Madrid Fanboy Paper Number 2 is reporting that the embattled manager of Arsenal FC might make a move for Brazilian playmaker Kaká--but only on loan. Wenger is a notorious spendthrift, so I doubt he's actually contemplating making a move for Kaká in a long-term sense. At the same time, Kaká could fill the huge gap in the center of Arsenal's midfield left by Cesc.

Finally, and perhaps completely unsurprisingly, despite Iker Casillas' phone call to Barcelona captains Puyol and Xavi, things are not looking good in the Spain camp. Santi Cazorla, the newly minted Málaga man, told Marca that

"This situation is being pushed to the limit. It's clear that no matter how much we want it not to happen, relationships [outside of the Selección] will influence things a bit. We can't do anything other than wait until this situation blows over, until they reach an agreement." Source:

Poor Santi. I can't imagine playing on a team with people from Madrid and Barça right now, given what went down between the teams only a few days ago. For everyone's sake, let's hope this thing cools off a bit so we can get to the most important and pressing issues.

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