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Madness: Canal+ Releases False Report, Mourinho Denies Resignation

Mourinho is not leaving.
Mourinho is not leaving.

What a morning we madridistas have had!

It all started at 12:45 p.m. Spanish time, when famous reporters of Canal+ like Carlos Martínez and Julio Maldonado "Maldini" tweeted that they were going to give exclusive information concerning José Mourinho, Eladio Paramés (Mourinho's spokesman) and the bench of Real Madrid. According to Canal+,  Mourinho was thinking about resigning.

The exact tweet (translated) was as follows:

According to Paramés, Mourinho is thinking about leaving Real Madrid. He believes Real's directors have not supported him. We will tell you everything at 14:30 in Canal+ Deportes.

With this shocking news, they also tweeted a link with deeper information. The page said that Eladio Paramés had told Canal+ reporters via SMS that Mourinho was about to leave the club. Canal+ was just trying to get an interview with the manager, and Paramés reportedly answered with that scoop.

After all this shocking news, many media networks like and Radio Marca contacted Paramés. The Portuguese spokesman denied all of the Canal+ information and said he was mistakenly quoted. Apparently what happened is that Canal+ had the telephone number of Paramés from many months ago, and it was a prepaid cell phone. Paramés didn't use it for quite a while and the company gave his number to another person. This unknown person was reached and wanted to trick the reporters by saying that Mourinho was leaving Real Madrid. Then Canal+ was caught with this fake information and promoted it to different media sources.

Thirty minutes prior to this article, José Mourinho released a statement on the official website of the club. Here is the statement:

"Only those who don't know me can dream, make up or believe I may leave Real Madrid at this stage...

I believe many people were surprised by the quality football showcased by Real Madrid during the preseason and it would be surprising news to them if I left the club now. Impossible!

I have a fantastic President who is very intelligent and with whom I have a great friendship. I also have a Director General who works for the club 24 hours a day, so my motivation is enormous and my Madridismo is even greater than that of some pseudo-Madridistas...

There is no way I'm leaving. No way!

I also wish to apologise to Madridistas, and only to them, for my attitude in our last game. Some people are better adapted to the hypocrisy in football than I am, and they hide their faces and speak in whispers deep inside tunnels.

I'm not learning to be a hypocrite, and I don't want to.

Best wishes to all. We'll see each other tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium."

I find Mourinho's statement quite good. He apologizes to all of us for last Wednesday's behavior, and he also says that he is amazingly happy with the team. Maybe he is staying for four years after all.

Canal+ was just ridiculous today. Their reporters tweeted false information, and then they wanted to blame the source. We all know that Canal+ and El País, (which along with As and Cadena SER are part of the same media group, PRISA) are not fans of our coach, especially El País, with one of their reporters trying to attack Mourinho in almost every article he writes. But you need to admit when you are wrong, and they haven't done so today.

With his statement, Mourinho has probably assured himself one of the biggest standing ovations in the history of Santiago Bernabeu in tomorrow's game. We can truly say that he is really loved by most of us madridistas, even with his occasional mistakes.

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